Conscience only made me loose your heart and love

For the sake of your salvation,

Now, you hate me, but I´m glad

And I cry for you in my corner.

If you have some memories from mine

They will be horrid.

You´ll see me putting you to the rack

Just like a vish,

But you don´t  know the true

How I was gen´rous,

When I pay´d on this form

Your faithful love!


Sunshine of my life!

I was a flop,

But in my downfall

I leav´d you out the way.

Because I lov´d you so much, so much, in my roll,

To save you, only

I sougth nothing but your hate...


Afterwards an awful time, I saw you walk,

Not to call you, then I bite me!

You were pretty like a star

To see you, the people stoped.

I don´t know if who has you so well

Deserves this marvel,

I know only that the cruel need,

I offer´d you

Justifies me, seeing you look like a princess,

Why, you live better now,

So far from me.


Letra : Enrique S. Discépolo y Luis C. Amadori

Música : Enrique Santos Discépolo


Traducción: Luis A. Murray



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